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Who am I?

Stephen Gordon Flodesk Quickstart Course

I'm Stephen Gordon

I'm an Email Marketing Specialist with over ten years of experience in building sales funnels. I build big mailing lists of engaged subscribers for clients using lead magnets, landing pages, subscription forms, and chatbots.

Over the last decade, I've used all the main email marketing services and dozens of lesser-known ones. They each have their strengths and weaknesses but none of them has impressed me as much as Flodesk.

Flodesk is the ideal email marketing service for Creatives, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.

What's in the Flodesk Quickstart Course?

The Flodesk Quickstart Course walks you through setting up your Flodesk account with the best configuration options before taking you step by step through building your first sales funnel and email campaign.

Setting Up your Flodesk Account

In these lessons we'll look at the optimal way to setup a Flodesk account.

Audiences & Segments

The heart of any email marketing service is its mailing list. In these lessons I'll show you the essential segments you need for your sales funnel.

Design an Email Template

Flodesk comes with a range of beautiful email templates and layouts. In these lessons I'll show you how to build a spam filter friendly email from scratch.


Workflows in Flodesk are powerful automations to send your subscribers carefully planned seqeunces of emails 24x7. In these lessons you'll see how to welcome a new subscriber and nuture them into taking action.