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Email Marketing Superstars is the only Flodesk education you'll ever need. Each module of this Flodesk Membership is packed with step by step lessons that teach you how to get your marketing messages to the inbox of segmented, engaged subscribers who will buy from you over and over again.


Email Marketing Superstars is a complete Flodesk membership program perfect for entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and small business owners. The program covers getting started and progresses you through advanced email marketing techniques to build big mailing lists that sell your products and services.
module 1

Flodesk Quickstart

At least a quarter of your subscribers never see your emails because an average of 25% of marketing emails go to spam. This straight to spam problem always starts with how the email marketing service is configured. In this module, we go step by step through a complete Flodesk setup to guide you past the mistakes that put most marketing emails into the spam folder.

module 2

Audience Management

Your Flodesk mailing list is the heart of engaging the right audience at the right time. We'll look at the best way to keep a clean list fed by multiple channels to give you maximum flexibility to grow subscriber numbers from different sources. We'll segment your audience to understand what they want and progress them from subscribers to customers and advocates for your business.

module 3

supercharged signups

Successful mailing list signups start with lead magnets, subscription forms, landing pages and thank-you pages. In this module, you will see how to use these four tools to start segmenting your audience before they even signup, convert visitors into subscribers and keep them focused on the one thing they HAVE to do to make your marketing emails effective.

module 4

the must have welcome sequence

An effective welcome sequence of emails that gives new subscribers exactly what they need is, without doubt, the single most important campaign you'll ever build. These lessons cover what to write and how to automate and send at the optimal time.

module 5

essential email campaigns

Your welcome sequence is just the begining. You now have the chance to sell them what you have to offer, influence publically postive reviews, and build an army of advocates actively telling others about you. I'll show you how to create and automate these essential email campaigns.

module 6

Newsletters & Content Planning

The two recurring steps to making email marketing profitable are nurture and sell. Every email you send is either nurturing the relationship with your subscribers or selling products or services. In module six, I take you through the process to schedule and write content your subscribers will engage with every single week. If you're thinking you have nothing to say to support a newsletter you're going to love this module.

module 7

mailing list hygiene

More is not always better when it comes to mailing lists. It is much more profitable to have 1,000 highly engaged subscribers than an audience of 100,000 who never look at your emails. Regularly cleaning your mailing lists lowers costs, improves deliverability and creates more sales. Module 7 shows you how to automate a process to segment away subscribers who are not engaged with your newsletters and give them one last chance to buy from you before unsubscribing them from your lists.

module 8

Continuous improvement

You’re up and running with Flodesk for your business. Now you'll learn how to use data to see which landing pages, campaigns, and copywriting are bringing you the best results. Everything we've enabled so far is capturing data on your audience, where they are, what they like, and what they need. In module 8, we learn how to analyse that data and use it to power A/B testing to produce the most profitable campaigns possible for your business.

and that's not all

superstar Bonuses

Here are four fantastic bonuses to the membership to help you become a Flodesk Email Marketing Superstar
bonus 1

email marketing templates

In this first bonus you get copies of every email used in this Flodesk course as a starter for your campaigns. To help regularly post revenue-generating newsletters you also see how I write, schedule and post a weekly newsletter.

bonus 2

live coaching call

Your business is as unique as you are. Flodesk Superstars is amazing groundwork to build your email marketing campaigns, but what if you have questions? I'll regularly host a live email marketing coaching call where you get your questions answered in person.

bonus 3

exclusive email marketing tips

Every week I post new email marketing tips and tutorials through an exclusive newsletter to Flodesk Superstars. The newsletter expands on questions asked by students or introduces new topics or trends not covered in the current version of the Flodesk course.

bonus 4

private facebook group

The private Facebook group is the hub for Flodesk Superstars to share their experiences, catch up on what's working for their peers and interact with me daily. The Facebook group is where I share case study examples from different niches.


mailing list superstars course

Feed your highly engaged, high converting email marketing campaigns with a constant flow of subscribers. The mailing list superstars course shows you how to grow your mailing lists using search engine optimisation, social media and paid advertising. Scheduled Q1 2020.

Membership Content Updates 

Other online courses SAY they update their content but Superstars courses SHOW you we update. Every time we add to or refresh our content we update the table below so you have confidence you're getting the most up to date Flodesk education.

Flodesk Quickstart
Flodesk Quickstart1How Email Marketing Makes You Money22/06/2020
Flodesk Quickstart2The Flodesk Quickstart Sales Funnel22/06/2020
Flodesk Quickstart3How to Sign Up to Flodesk22/06/2020
Flodesk Quickstart4Add Your Flodesk Account Details22/06/2020
Flodesk Quickstart5Setup your Sending Email Addresses22/06/2020
Flodesk Quickstart6Configure Domain Authentication
Flodesk Quickstart7Set Your Brand Preferences
Flodesk Quickstart8Build Your Double Opt-In Email
Flodesk Quickstart9Set up your Default Thank You Page
Flodesk Quickstart10Integrate with Shopify
Flodesk Quickstart11Confirm Your Plan and Billing Options
Flodesk Quickstart12Join the Flodesk Affiliate Program
Flodesk Quickstart13Configure Your First Audience Segments
Flodesk Quickstart14Build a Full Page Form
Flodesk Quickstart15Build a Simple Welcome Email
Flodesk Quickstart16Configure a Welcome Workflow
Flodesk Quickstart17Send Your First Newsletter
Audience Management18Audiences, Segments and Mailing Lists
Audience Management19Understanding Subscriber Statuses
Audience Management20The AIDA+ Sales Funnel
Audience Management21Mapping AIDA+ to Flodesk Segments
Audience Management22Plan and Manage Segments
Audience Management23Segment by Inbound Traffic
Audience Management24Segment by Outbound Traffic
Audience Management25Adding Subscribers
Audience Management26Importing Subscribers
Audience Management27Exporting Subscribers
Supercharged Signups28Lead Magnets
Supercharged Signups29Full Page Flodesk Forms
Supercharged Signups30Review the Flodesk Thank You Page
Supercharged Signups31Build a Better Thank You Page in Wordpress
Supercharged Signups32Add an Embedded Opt-In Form to Wordpress
Supercharged Signups33Add a Pop-Up Opt-in Form to Wordpress
Supercharged Signups34Using Google Tag Manager to Add Forms
Supercharged Signups35Setup Google Tag Manager
Supercharged Signups36Add Flodesk Forms to any Site using Google Tag Manager
Supercharged Signups37The Elements of a Good Landing Page
Supercharged Signups38How to Build a Landing Page in Wordpress
Supercharged Signups39Why Use 3rd Party Opt-ins?
Supercharged Signups40Introduction to Zapier
Supercharged Signups41Connect a 3rd party form to Flodesk
Supercharged Signups42Connect a Quiz to Flodesk
Supercharged Signups43Connect a Chatbot to Flodesk
Welcome Workflow44Essential Email Elements
45Build a simple email template
46Build Your Brand Email Template
47Build Your Offer Email Template

Email Marekting superstars

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